Demystifying: Business Journalism in a Digital Age

Alice Bonasio, Editor-in-Chief, Tech Trends
Demystifying: Business Journalism in a Digital Age

Thursday, January 17, 12-1 p.m., Room 156 Straub Hall

Alice Bonasio is Editor-in-Chief for Tech Trends, a website “showcasing the latest disruptive technology that is changing the world we live, work, and play in.” 

Alongside her work at Tech Trends, Alice is also a VR (Virtual Reality) and Immersive Media consultant, and a contributor to publications such as Wired, Forbes, Fast Company, Quartz, VR Scout, Playboy, Scientific American, Ars Technica, The Next Web, and others.

In this talk, Alice will talk about her shifting career path, including reporting on business (as a journalist covering the tech sector) and making a business out of your reporting (building Tech Trends as a platform and monetizable brand), as well as the future of immersive storytelling and what that means for the next generation of communication professionals.

On her LinkedIn Profile, Alice describes her key interests as “Technology, VR, Mr, AR, Gaming, Lego, Digital Skills, Diversity.” She has a large international following for her work. Join her 44,000+ followers on Twitter, where she tweets as @alicebonasio